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Innovative Solution to Faster Reading

  • Read Whole Ideas at a Time
  • Strengthen Comprehension
  • Sharpen Concentration
  • Reduce Vocalization
  • Improve Retention
  • Increase Speed

"Visual" Reading

Imagine turning your reading into a mental movie, and projecting ideas into your mind. Visualize the meaning of complete groups of words, and send your mind what it craves; conceptual images. This powerful technique is unlike anything you've tried before.

Reading Word-Groups

The key is reading short meaningful phrases, not simply 'chunks' of every 3 or 4 words. Practice reading text divided into distinct pieces of information. Read text grouped into 'thought-units', and see ideas practically leap from the page into your mind.

Quick Results

You will probably be surprised how soon you'll see results. You won't just find a list of techniques about how to read faster; you'll start to read faster immediately, with specially formatted exercises that make it easy to understand whole groups of words at a time.

Step-by-Step Progress

You will advance through a series of levels, steadily progressing towards reading word-groups on your own. Each level is carefully designed to steadily give you less assistance, advancing you towards the goal of using this skill in your normal reading.

Common Sense Exercises

If you're skeptical, then you've probably tried other 'speed reading' courses. But this is not about 'eye-widening', or 'finger waving', or waiting for comprehension to 'catch up' with your 'speed reading'. Nor is this skimming, scanning, or ignoring 'unimportant' words. This is simply a convenient way to practice how fast readers read.

Fun To Practice

Of course all skills require practice, but this practice is closer to fun than work. Enjoy reading popular classics while the specially formatted text makes it easy to see whole ideas at each glance. All books are divided into short segments so that you receive constant feedback of your progress every few minutes.

See For Yourself

Have reading skills to be proud of, and truly experience text, rather than just listen to it. Read faster. Understand more.

If you have too much reading to keep up with, or if you would simply like to enjoy a good book in a reasonable amount of time, then you must try this. The time invested to acquire this skill will be returned to you with every book you read.
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